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web hosting
Perfect for basic sites >>>>
$ 19.95
per month
20 - Meg Hard Drive Space
1- E MAIL (pop3) Account
1- FTP Account
Unlimitted Transfer
Above Hosting Plan includes one free web page design.
( $100.00 Value ! )

Other Hosting Services >>>>
Contact us 
for Pricing
Credit Card Cash Register with CyberCash
Secure Servers
PHP3, PHP4 support
JAVA, JDK2 support, Java Servlets support with mod_jserv with your own servlet zone space
MySQL , PostgreSQL, mSQL
Apache ASP support
Real Server
Flash Server
MicroSoft Front Page Extension
(not recommended for security reasons)

Server Services >>>>
Available Free with hosting
POP3 Server
IMAP4 Server
NEWS Server
SMTP Server

Need Hosting You Don't See ?
We can customize any site to meet your needs. *
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